Blockchain Founders Group Partners With Neon Foundation to Foster The Development, Growth, And Adoption of The Neon EVM

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April 20, 2023

BFG - Featured - Neon Foundation

Blockchain Founders Group and Neon Foundation have entered into a partnership. Neon Foundation is an organization with the mission to promote the development, growth, and adoption of Neon, an EVM-compatible protocol focusing on scalability and the provision of liquidity on Solana. - Author: Albert Sugiharto

Why we partnered with Neon Foundation

Neon Foundation is an organization that aims to promote the development, growth, and adoption of Neon EVM and its ecosystem. Neon EVM - developed by Neon Labs - is a fully Ethereum-compatible environment on Solana that allows developers to build dApps using Ethereum tooling to scale and process them on Solana. By taking full advantage of the functionality native to Solana, developers will enjoy several benefits, including the scalability benefit of Solana (low gas fees and high transaction speeds), access to liquidity on Solana’s ecosystem, deploy Ethereum dApps swiftly without any reconfiguration of smart contracts, and smart contract languages familiarity (e.g. Solidity, Vyper). 

To accelerate the growth of the Neon Ecosystem, Neon Foundation is launching the Early Builders Program in order to increase the usability of the platform and generate value for users, and drive economic activity in the Neon Network. The program is designed for developers interested in becoming pioneering developers in the Neon Ecosystem by building dApps, key infrastructure, and development tools for Neon EVM. Participating projects will be incentivized to build on Neon EVM Devnet with rewards.

What the benefits are for BFG portfolio companies

To be eligible for the program, Neon Foundation will prioritize projects with real-life use cases that contribute to the open-source codebase, have a strong community, show progressive community growth, and develop tools that enable other projects to build on the Neon EVM. The current grant offerings of the program cover three areas: developer tooling (addresses the missing functionalities of Neon EVM), infrastructure (wallets, oracles, and indexers), and dApps (innovative DeFi projects with robust communities and users, which showcase creative solutions.). Successful participants in the program will receive funding in NEON as they reach specific milestones in their projects, with the funding being released in stages as participants progress through their milestones.

Through this partnership, BFG and Neon Foundation will work together to promote the growth of Neon EVM's ecosystem. The partnership aims to benefit BFG's portfolio companies by working directly with the Neon Foundation, improving the chances of receiving funding for grant proposals. Through this partnership, eligible portfolio companies can join the Neon Foundation's Early Builders Program and take advantage of its benefits. Sign up for the program and get to know more about the program here. Learn more about the Early Builders Program here and about Neon Foundation on their Website and Twitter.


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