Blockchain Founders Group Partners With GitHub For Exclusive Access to Enterprise-Level Code Management

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January 26, 2023

Blockchain Founders Group and GitHub have entered into a partnership. GitHub is a cloud-based software development service that helps developers in storing and managing code, as well as tracking and controlling changes in their projects’ codes. Through the Github for Startups programs, our portfolio companies will benefit from getting access to Github Enterprise and tailored product guidance. - Author: Albert Sugiharto

Why we partnered with GitHub

As a cloud-based platform, GitHub allows developers to easily share code files and work collaboratively with fellow developers. For startups, GitHub allows teams to plan, track, collaborate, build, test, and deploy software with a holistic and secure platform that scales with them. GitHub Enterprise especially focused on securing the whole process of development and versioning, automating workflow among teams, and turning collaboration into innovation.

GitHub also serves as a social networking site where multiple developers can work together on a project, network, and showcase their work. Startup teams can decide to publicly open their development process to their community to gain insight, allowing for deeper connection and ownership of the project.

What the benefits are for BFG portfolio companies

As part of GitHub for Startups, our eligible portfolio companies will receive up to 20 seats of GitHub Enterprise free for the first year and 50% off in year two. They will also gain access to GitHub experts for guidance. Learn more about GitHub for Startups on this website, and use this chance to get this exclusive offer by signing up through this link.

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About Blockchain Founders Group

BFG Blockchain Founders Group is a company builder and early-stage venture capital investor. Our team comprises academic and regulatory drivers of the blockchain economy, serial entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. We love to work with outstanding entrepreneurial talents and bring to bear the full support of our network to make them succeed. Follow us oLinkedInMedium, or Twitter.

About BFG Superstars Program

The BFG Superstars Program is a crypto incubation program for pre-seed ideas and a place for blockchain talents and co-founders to meet and launch crypto startups in 2 to 3 months. Each cohort will launch 5+ crypto startups with different blockchain-based solutions. At the end of the program, selected startups will receive funding amounting to $60,000. Find more information about the program here.

Contact: Max Zheng, Head of Corporate Development & BFG Superstars Program,

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