Blockchain Founders Group Partners up With Epic Web3 to Accelerate Web3 Growth

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March 22, 2023

Blockchain Founders Group and Epic Web3 have partnered for the upcoming Epic Web3 Conference in Lisbon on June 9th. This event is a hub for Web3 innovators, bringing together founders, builders, and investors to collaborate on the next wave of Web3 disruption. BFG's community members can enjoy an exclusive discount on conference tickets, and BFG incubated start-ups can apply to pitch in front of highly renowned investors. - Author: Elias Mendel 

Why we partnered with Epic Web3 

Our team has always prioritized progress in the face of adversity, and this persistence has been especially crucial during the recent crypto winter. We believe in cutting out the noise and focusing on building, even when market sentiment is bearish. That's why we're thrilled to support the Epic Web3 Conference in Lisbon this year. This event brings together Web3 thinkers from across the globe to connect, share ideas, and develop cutting-edge products for the decentralized space.

As part of our partnership with Epic Web3, we're excited to offer an exclusive discount to our BFG community. This discount is a testament to our commitment to supporting the Web3 community and fostering innovation in the blockchain industry. We hope that this event will inspire new ideas, collaborations, and advancements in the Web3 space, and we're excited to be a part of it.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with the Blockchain Founders Group as our goals and values in the Web3 space align perfectly. Both of our companies are committed to fostering a thriving community of blockchain entrepreneurs and helping Web3 founders and startups grow. With their support, we can further enhance our offerings for startups and Web3 founders and create new opportunities for networking, collaboration, and growth. Our startup pitch competition, in particular, offers an excellent opportunity for promising blockchain startups to showcase their ideas and secure funding from the right VCs. With the support of the Blockchain Founders Group, we can help these startups find the right partners and investors to help them succeed."

Anastasiia Ostrozhnaia, event producer at Epic Web3


What Epic Web3 has to offer

The Epic Web3 Conference aspires to be a hub for innovation in the Web3 realm, offering its visitors a range of perks. 

With 20+ top-tier speakers from companies like ConsenSys, Binance, POAP, Ledger, Uniswap, and Gnosis, attendees will gain practical insights on all there is to know about Web3. Ambitious founders will have the chance to pitch their startups in front of a VC audience and potentially secure investment. Investors, on the other hand, can discover promising startups and connect with founders to access promising investment opportunities.

Networking opportunities abound at the conference, allowing attendees to gain valuable industry insights and make more informed decisions. The conference also includes a VC-dedicated side event where VC Investors, Business Angels, and Web3 Foundations can engage in interactive sessions and networking.

Overall, by attending the conference, participants will gain valuable insights into how to build and scale products in the Web3 industry.

Register here to take part in this exciting opportunity. sing the promo code BFG15 will give you a 15% discount (can be applied to any ticket option).



About Blockchain Founders Group

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