Top-tier web3 accelerator for the best entrepreneurs

Participate in our startup acceleration programs designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs from scratch or with MVP.

All programs include:

Seasoned web3 advisor network
Financial support (up to €120k in cash)
Strong founder network

Startup applications

We receive over 500 applications per cohort (ran 2 times per year) from highly talented people in the blockchain space.



From North America to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America, we are proud to have a diverse group of entrepreneurs in our program.


Startups built

We accelerate 10-15 projects per cohort, out of which 5-7 receive financial support. To date, we have kickstarted 50+ projects!

We identify web3 founders and build distinct MVPs with a competitive edge!

We are committed to supporting the next generation of Web3 entrepreneurs because we believe that blockchain technology has the potential to transform the way we do business, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this innovative industry.

BFG Family Day

Everyone at BFG is incentivized to do their best to help you succeed.

Advisor Network

We are honored to count some of the brightest minds in the blockchain industry as partners, advisors, and investors

Financial Support

As part of our web3 startup acceleration programs, we provide €70-120k in support to the most promising founders.

Founder Network

Join our thriving startup network where you can collaborate, share insights, and embark on a journey of learning and growth together.

Meet the BFG team & advisors

Our network consists of blockchain experts, crypto enthusiasts, crypto lawyers, and founders of Web3 companies to advise, mentor, and support our Superstars

Explore our startup programs and get funding of up to €120k

Post-MVP accelerator
(build a protocol-agnostic product)
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Post-MVP accelerator
(build with a BFG protocol partner)
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We have over 50+ projects in our portfolio

Our portfolio consists of incubated and accelerated startups and alumni startups that have received financial support.

We work with a strong web3 partner network

We engage with some of the most powerful web3 institutions, investors, and news outlets to drive innovation and growth within the ecosystem.




Join our startup accelerator programs

Scale your web3 startup with our 8-week startup accelerator program.

  • Join with your team and pre-validated MVP
  • No fees, fully remote, in English
  • Receive up to €120k in financial support

Build with our protocol partners or fully protocol-agnostic! 

Application deadline: March 18, 2024



Do you want to raise seed or pre-series A capital?

Send your pitch deck and any other information about your startup to our friends at Blockchain Founders Capital.

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