Blockchain Founders Group

Track Record

Our portfolio consists of incubated and accelerated startups and alumni startups that have received financial support.

Blockchain Protocols

Build your crypto project right on top of premier blockchain protocols offered by our partners

The BFG company building approach is successful and highly efficient!



We receive over 500 applications per cohort from highly talented people in the blockchain space



From North America to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America, we are proud to have a diverse group of entrepreneurs in our program.



We incubate and accelerate  5-7 startups per cohort. To date, we have kickstarted 20 projects!

BFG Superstars and BFG Adrenaline

Accelerated and kick-started

At our incubator and accelerator programs, we team up with top entrepreneurial talents to launch 15+ cutting-edge Web3 startups per year. With BFG's best practices for company building, we ensure that these startups have the best possible foundation for success.

BFG Superstars and BFG Adrenaline

Alumni startups

Other startups that have participated in our incubator or accelerator programs and received value from us.

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