#CAC23A: A Review of Europe's Premier Conference on Blockchain, Digital Assets, and Web3

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April 28, 2023

The Crypto Assets Conference 2023 was a major event for the digital assets industry held on the grounds of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. The conference aims to bring together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders to discuss the latest trends and emerging topics in the digital assets industry. - Author: Elias Mendel 

The conference was a two-day event, with the first day focusing on digital assets, including digital securities, tokenization of assets, funds, asset management, infrastructure, custody, and digital finance. The second day focused on crypto assets and Web3, including topics like Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3, NFTs, stablecoins, carbon tokenization (CO2), and ESG.

#CAC23A took place on March 29th - 30th as a hybrid event, with both on-site and online attendees. Online participants have access to all sessions via live streaming, while on-site attendees have the opportunity to network with industry experts, corporate leaders, and fellow attendees. The conference also features exclusive speeches, discussions, and pitches from experts in the field, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to gain insights into the latest developments and emerging trends in the digital assets industry. 

As a Web3 startup incubator positioned at the forefront of the value creation chain, we at BFG value conferences like this one for their ability to help us understand the overall industry and investor sentiment, stay up-to-date on the latest trends and disruptions, and network with individuals and companies who share similar goals and interests.

At the conference, three startups from the BFG portfolio, meCash, basenode.io, and Particula, gave pitches to the attendees. Sarah Gottwald, Philipp Sandner, and Wolfgang Männel, who are members of the BFG management and Board of Directors, also attended the conference and moderated panel discussions. In addition to the above, several other superstar participants and BFG startups were also present at the conference, including Luna Vision, digitalsocial.id, 21e6 Capital, and Thrilld Labs.

Figure 1: BFG’s Managing Director Sarah Gottwald and Board of Directors members Philipp Sandner and Wolfgang Männel at the #CAC23A.

Figure 2: Several of BFG’s startups had the chance to pitch at the conference. 

Figure 3: Modupe Diyaolu from meCash on how the startup is creating a level-playing field for African SMEs by facilitating cross-border payments and financial inclusion.

For further information, have a look at Crypto Asset Conference’s website here.

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