Concordium Startup Accelerator Program

Are you building on the Concordium blockchain? Supercharge your web3 startup with our Concordium accelerator program. We provide up to €120k in financial support for each startup that we accelerate.


Program Summary

Application deadline: Closed
Cost: 0 €

The BFG x Concordium accelerator program does not involve any costs, so we are very selective in choosing our participants. Our business model is to invest in the best projects for equity in return.

Start (duration): April 2024 (8 weeks)

The next BFG x Concordium cohort starts on April 15, 2024 and finishes in June 2024.

Where: fully remote

We are open to participants from all over the world. Even we as an organization work completely decentralized with team members from all over the world.

Financial Support: 120,000 €

In the BFG x Concordium accelerator program, we provide up to € 120,000 in financial support for selected projects (for 3-10%) equity at the end of the program.

The best place to build your Concordium based startup

Why are we running this program

⟩ The BFG x Concordium accelerator program was created to back the best web3 startup teams leveraging Concordium to build the safest and most regulation-ready blockchain applications.

The Concordium team consists of skilled professionals with a vision to pave the road to a safer tomorrow with blockchain technology.

⟩ The Concordium blockchain provides a science-backed, environmentally responsible Layer1 blockchain that enables verifiable self-sovereign data ownership and secure transactions at low cost.

What you can expect from the program

Phase 1: Submit Your Project
Timing: pre-program
  • Submit your startup details for a first assessment by your lead mentor.
  • We will provide in-depth feedback on your status quo and a 6-week transformation roadmap.
  • Get weekly touch points to discuss progress and the most important KPIs.
Phase 2: Challenging the Status Quo
Timing: Week 1
  • We will challenge your status quo and resolve concerns.
  • We will provide mentorship and advice on a high-frequency level multiple times a week. We can help in the areas of business model, technology, legal aspects, sales, and marketing.
  • By the end of phase 2, you will have a solid Web3 business model and prepare for the pitching strategy.
Phase 2.5: Sales, Marketing and Growth
Timing: Week 2-4
  • Get to know best practices on how to grow your business while validating demand for your product.
  • We will have weekly tactical workshops on growth, marketing, and sales.
  • The goal will be to get first revenue.
Phase 3: Financial Support and Graduation
  • Timing: Week 5-6
  • Learn how to raise funds and prepare for the final pitch in front of the BFG and Partner investment committee to secure funding.

Our focus areas


How do startups benefit from the program?

Secure the chance to receive financial support of €120k from BFG and Concordium.


Meet the BFG team & advisors

Our network consists of blockchain experts, crypto enthusiasts, crypto lawyers, and founders of Web3 companies to advise, mentor, and support our Superstars

Get to know previous startups, we've worked with!

We founded multiple Web3 startups with our company-building approach.

We designed highly effective programs where entrepreneurs can kick-start their ideas within 6-12 weeks

portfolio overview

Alumni opinions about the BFG startup programs?

"As the Founder of Tin Network, I am thrilled to endorse BFG for their outstanding services. Right from the start, their dedication to excellence and forward-thinking solutions have distinguished them. [...] BFG is a reliable ally devoted to the success of your startup. I highly recommend them!"
Muhammad Shehata

Concordium is excited to partner with BFG for the upcoming Adrenaline program.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get financial support?

Our programs are designed such that towards the end of each program, the most promising teams will pitch in front of the BFG committee. 

Among the successful teams, BFG will select teams to assist with €120,000 in cash contributions. In return, BFG and Concordium get around 3-10% in equity.

Does my country of residence matter?

Not at all. BFG as an organization works completely remotely with team members from across the globe. We liaise with CEOs, project managers, and IT professionals worldwide. Therefore, we do not discriminate based on place of residence and your country of residence does not matter as long as it is planet Earth!

However, our expertise is clearly in Central Europe - with a concentration in D/A/CH countries - and therefore, we will have a slight preference towards this area. BUT! Excellence and great entrepreneurs will always find a solution.

Do I need an idea? What if I don't have a team yet?

Yes. This is a startup accelerator program where we help you build a blockchain startup from pre-MVP stage.

If you don't have a team or no idea, you can also consider joining our incubator program BFG Superstars.

Do I need to have a technical background?

No, you do not need to have a technical background. We form startup teams consisting of one CEO and one CTO. However, everybody needs to understand blockchain at a solid level and have intermediate practical experience. It is very important to understand that BFG Superstars is not there to educate you. We are not a university or research institute. Rather, we want to build companies that are ready to be funded by investors.

We can provide you with all the necessary industry knowledge, an excellent network, and funding. However, you will be the founder whose responsibilities cannot be outsourced to someone else.

When is the official start of the program?

We are looking for the most promising blockchain talents twice a year:

Spring cohort application phase: December - February
Spring cohort program phase: March - June

Fall cohort application phase: June - August
Fall cohort program phase: September - December