BFG Blockchain Founders Group AG-backed is the Liechtenstein EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub)

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May 11, 2023

BFG Blockchain Founders Group AG, the Liechtenstein entity of the Blockchain Founders Group, is proud to announce that one of its cooperations, Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative, has got the commitment for the funding of 1 Million EUR p.a., half coming from the EU and half from Liechtenstein. - Author: Elias Mendel is a Digital Innovation Hub that operates as a Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative (LVC) and specializes in establishing collaboration ecosystems for the token economy using blockchain technology. Its primary objective is to foster collaboration between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the public sector in Liechtenstein by providing experimentation spaces where they can co-create sustainable business models. One of its unique selling points is Liechtenstein’s advanced Web3 ecosystem on the basis of the Liechtenstein Token Act, which allows SMEs and the public sector to prototype and experiment right away. Ultimately, seeks to support and expand prosperity and job opportunities in Liechtenstein and Europe by leveraging digital and green transformation. Digihub has now the commitment to receive grants from the EU and Liechtenstein to contribute to accelerating Europe’s digitalization and increasing its global competitiveness. Announcement

BFG Blockchain Founders Group AG’s Managing Director, Martina Dünser-Davies, is among the co-founders of and is in charge of the start-up coaching offered by the LVC. 

“We are more than thrilled that with a strong and competent team can start highly motivated already on June 1st, 2023! Thanks to the support of the EU and the Liechtenstein Parliament, we will build a purpose-driven ecosystem in Liechtenstein with a wide range of offers in the field of digital transformation and expand it to the EU. 

My personal aim is to bring the spirit and the know-how of our scene to the wider public! 

Be part of it with your suggestions and offers: Contact us - we’re ready and looking forward!”

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We are a European Web3 startup incubator and early-stage investor. We believe that blockchain is the biggest investment opportunity over the next decades. Our DNA is composed of academic and regulatory drivers of the blockchain economy as well as ambitious entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. As company builders, we turn blockchain ideas into companies after having vetted them thoroughly with our entrepreneurs in residence and advisors. We finance founder teams in the early stages of the traditional venture capital way coupled with our experience and support.

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