Blockchain Founders Group Partners With Thrilld Labs to Enable Synergy Within The Web3 Space

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May 31, 2023

BFG x Thrilld Labs (new)

Blockchain Founders Group and Thrilld Labs have entered into a partnership. Thrilld Labs is the synergy-machine in the Web3 space, creating a seamless process for Web3 projects, venture capitals, and angel investors to create potential partnerships and synergies in real-time. - Author: Albert Sugiharto

Why we partnered with Thrilld Labs

Thrilld Labs is a platform that facilitates connections and collaborations within the Web3 ecosystem. Its primary goal is to address challenges posed by the current fragmented and inefficient landscape by offering a user-friendly interface for Web3 projects, venture capitalists, and angel investors to establish connections and explore opportunities. Thrilld Labs aims to break down the barriers associated with fundraising and conducting business in the Web3 space by creating an accessible platform that enables diverse stakeholders such as founders, investors, conferences, accelerators, and other entities to connect, collaborate, and forge strategic partnerships.

“Having successfully participated in BFG's Superstars program with Thrilld Labs, I wholeheartedly endorse BFG's expertise and urge early-stage startups and ambitious entrepreneurs to explore the remarkable opportunities they offer, both in terms of mentorship and for seed funding via Blockchain Founders Capital.”
— Alexandra Overgaag (CEO & Founder, Thrilld Labs)

What the benefits are for BFG and our portfolio companies

Through this partnership, BFG will be joining Thrilld Labs’ Partner Portal, allowing us to showcase our expertise in venture investment and company building while creating potential synergies and collaborations with different partners in the ecosystem. Further, our portfolio companies will also benefit from getting free access to Thrilld Labs’ premium features, including a complimentary boost package as well as an exclusive discount to Thrilld Plus, Premium, and Pro tiers post-launch. To benefit from this partnership, simply sign-up to secure early access to Thrilld Labs’ app by signing up using this link. Learn more about Thrilld Labs on their Website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

“Being part of a strong community and network is paramount in the Web3 space. Thrilled Labs simplify this process by connecting the different stakeholders in the Web3 space within one platform, allowing them to create fruitful synergies in an efficient manner with just a swipe. We are thrilled to be Thrilld Lab’s partner and looking forward to potential synergies and collaborations in the future.”
— Albert Sugiharto (Program Manager, BFG Superstars)


About Blockchain Founders Group

Blockchain Founders Group (BFG) is the driving force behind web3 innovation. As a company builder, we bring together a team of blockchain visionaries, experienced entrepreneurs, and industry experts, all committed to nurturing emerging talent. Our BFG acceleration programs serve as your springboard for launching blockchain startups, transforming concepts into reality in just 2-3 months. Each cohort develops 5-8 unique web3 ideas, and selected projects will be financially supported with 70,000 - 100,000 EUR, along with access to our extensive network. Join us in shaping the future of web3!

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