BFG Blockchain Founders Group AG in Liechtenstein to build and invest in blockchain and crypto startups

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April 28, 2021


BFG Blockchain Founders Group AG ("BFG"), the Liechtenstein-based venture capital firm and company builder, today announced its mission to drive the incubation and acceleration of blockchain-centric business models across Europe. The company is the brainchild of academics, practitioners, and investors in the blockchain universe, as well as venture capital executives and entrepreneurs.

"Most organizations have now come to terms that blockchain is paradigm-changing technology", says Martina Dünser-Davis, Managing Partner of BFG. "But the jury is still out as to where the impact will be felt strongest. As with the advent of the internet, today’s market leaders in many industries and services may be in for an unpleasant surprise if they don't embrace this new technology early."

Building Blockchain Companies

BFG has two areas of business: Company Building and Venture Capital. As a company builder, the firm aims to bring together the best entrepreneurial talents in the industry and work on new solutions with the potential to upend traditional industries through the use of Blockchain technology.

"What we see globally is a race to re-examine every business model to understand how the use of distributed ledger technology and tokenization can fundamentally lead to an improvement for customers, users, and investors," says Wolfgang Männel, Senior Partner of BFG. "The Internet and the mobile revolution left no stone unturned. We are a firm believer that we will see the same disruptive energy happening again with blockchain."

Venture Capital Provider

As a venture capital provider, BFG will focus on pre-seed and seed investments in Blockchain-centric companies together with renowned co-investors. The partners of BFG already have fourteen blockchain investments under their belt, which provides the company with a solid track record.

"We are seeing an eruption of entrepreneurial energy being unleashed by blockchain technology and crypto assets," says Philipp Sandner, professor of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and member of the Board of Directors of BFG. "A company builder and VC that brings together capital, talent, and ideas can drive innovation in the field of finance, crypto assets, and the token economy.”

Advantage Liechtenstein

Thomas Dünser, member of the Board of Directors and spiritus rector of the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act, adds: “I am confident that Liechtenstein’s early focus on this new technology has allowed us to establish an international standard and offers companies a safe and regulated environment to compete in the ongoing blockchain evolution". “I am glad to support BFG to vet blockchain ideas in Liechtenstein that can later be rolled out throughout the rest of Europe and the world."


BFG Blockchain Founders Group AG 
Quaderstrasse 6, 9494 Schaan 

Wolfgang Männel 


About Blockchain Founders Group

We are a Liechtenstein-based company builder and venture capital investor. We believe that blockchain is the biggest investment opportunity over the next decades. Our DNA is composed of academic and regulatory drivers of the blockchain economy as well as ambitious entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. 

As company builders, we turn blockchain ideas into companies after having vetted them thoroughly with our entrepreneurs in residence and advisors. 

As venture capital investors, we finance founder teams in the pre-seed/seed stage in the traditional venture capital way coupled with our understanding and active commitment as co-founders.

Our location in Liechtenstein allows us to take advantage of the industry-leading Blockchain Act, which we believe will inspire European-wide legislation in the coming years.

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