Blockchain Founders Group joins Digital Euro Association

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May 20, 2021

Blockchain Founders Group joins the Digital Euro Association (DEA)

BFG Blockchain Founders Group AG ("BFG"), the Liechtenstein-based venture capital firm and company builder, today announced its mission to drive the incubation and acceleration of blockchain-centric business models across Europe. The company is the brainchild of academics, practitioners, and investors in the blockchain universe, as well as venture capital executives and entrepreneurs.

What is the Digital Euro Association

DEA built a platform and community where people such as policy-makers or economists can share insights as well as gain them through constructive research and education. Currently, interest in digital assets, crypto assets, and the digital euro is rapidly growing among people from all fields. Thus, a platform provided by a think tank such as DEA plays an important role in cultivating an educated approach and valuable insights to this new digital universe of blockchain.

Membership benefits and opportunities

BFG was founded by a diverse group of experts from academic scholars, blockchain investors, and entrepreneurs. As such, considering the amount of attention blockchain technology, crypto assets, and digital euro has been gaining, the network and team at BFG can significantly contribute to the stimulating discourses happening on the DEA platform.

Likewise, BFG has just as much to gain by engaging in discussions about digital money. For instance, as discussions become more active and online educational material gain wider audiences, BFG will also be able to discover new entrepreneurial minds to work with in the blockchain industry. This exchange of collaborative information in the DEA community will not only create higher comprehension of the industry as a whole, but it could also influence the direction for future agendas and policies to ensure the organization and efficiency of blockchain-based business ideas.


BFG Blockchain Founders Group AG 
Quaderstrasse 6, 9494 Schaan 

Wolfgang Männel 


About Blockchain Founders Group

We are a Liechtenstein-based company builder and venture capital investor. We believe that blockchain is the biggest investment opportunity over the next decades. Our DNA is composed of academic and regulatory drivers of the blockchain economy as well as ambitious entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. 

As company builders, we turn blockchain ideas into companies after having vetted them thoroughly with our entrepreneurs in residence and advisors. 

As venture capital investors, we finance founder teams in the pre-seed/seed stage in the traditional venture capital way coupled with our understanding and active commitment as co-founders.

Our location in Liechtenstein allows us to take advantage of the industry-leading Blockchain Act, which we believe will inspire European-wide legislation in the coming years.

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