Oasiis Insights Receives Support From Blockchain Founders Group to Unlock The Power of Web3 E-Commerce Wallets For Revenue Maximization

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January 27, 2023



We are excited to announce that Oasiis Insights has become our most recent addition to our track record. Oasiis Insights automates e-commerce personalization in web3 by analyzing customer wallet data, which boosts revenue through higher conversation rates while protecting user privacy. Author: Albert Sugiharto

Why we added Oasiis Insights to our track record

In 2022, more and more people are using blockchain technology. Research by Huobi shows that there is an estimated 85 million web3 wallet users which is an increase of 6.3% from the previous year. From the activity of these wallets, there is a lot you can tell about an individual. Whether it’s data on customers or demographics such as net worth, gender, and location; interests such as art/fashion/music taste, recent purchases; or behaviour including times of day a customer is active or their chain preference. If this data is captured and used in the right way, it is incredibly valuable and can have revenue-boosting insights for commerce. 

However, it is currently very hard for merchants to capture and use this data. Merchants are focused on manually figuring out how best to understand their web3 customer segments and analyze data from sources such as Dune to get basic insights. Doing this is inefficient and often has large overheads, leaving merchants with insights which are challenging to efficiently action with a clear ROI. 

Additionally, from a user perspective, there are clear privacy concerns. Many users might not be aware that it is possible for businesses to gather information about them based on on-chain activity, even if they are pseudonymous. We’re seeing users react to the way their data is being captured online with Google finding that 9/10 customers only wish to have their data shared with organizations with their permission. Additionally, apps are taking action, such as major browsers stopping the use of cookies and organizations continue to try and find ways to collect user data with their consent in order to avoid violating data privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Oasiis Insights solves this dual-sided merchant and user problem. 

Oasiis Insights provides a balance between users’ privacy and boosting revenue for merchants through product recommendations based on wallet data

Oasiis Insights is designed to help businesses get better insights into their customers while still protecting users’ privacy through a web3 cookie. Through using their no-code product recommendation widgets for their online store, merchants can create personalized customer experiences tailored to every individual. At the same time, users have control over their own data and can choose what information they want to share with these organizations.

Here is how Oasiis will benefit users and organizations:

  • Oasiis Insights aggregates data from multiple sources (think of merging your Phantom Wallet with your three MetaMask wallets) and helps organizations gain insights into their customers while protecting users' privacy. This enables businesses to create more personalized experiences for their customers with clear-cut ROI, using high-quality data.
  • Oasiis Insights’ web3 privacy plug-in allows users to control how their data. Users can transparently understand the way their data is being used and can decide whether their identities should remain private or if the data can be shared with the organizations they interact with. This gives users the ability to protect their own privacy and means organizations can respect it, while still getting high-quality insights and remaining compliant.

Pioneering in the web3 e-commerce space, they have created a free e-book on wallet insights and the future of web3 e-commerce; sign up on their website here.

About Oasiis Insights

The Oasiis team comprises experts in entrepreneurship, consulting, data, AI, and blockchain technologies, with a strong background in both commercial and technical fields. Elliot Garreffa, co-founder and CEO, has been an innovation & strategy consultant for over 5 years, specializing in blockchain technology. Vincent McLeese, co-founder and CPO, is an experienced consultant and analyst, as well as experienced in the blockchain space and a seasoned founder of multiple web3 businesses. Christos Tsotskas, co-founder and CTO, has more than 20 years of experience in digital technologies including data and AI. Together the Oasiis Insights team is well-equipped to become the leading web3 cookie centered around user privacy. Learn more about Oasiis Insights on their Website and LinkedIn.

Contact: Elliot Garreffa, co-founder, elliot@oasiisinsights.com


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