The best startup guide to kick-start your web3 venture!

Elevate your web3 startup to success with the best starter pack

Access the resources and expertise you need to launch and grow your web3 startup. Join a community of founders and mentors who are passionate about supporting web3 innovation.

Get very honest feedback and exposure to hundreds of investors with battle-proven best practices from Blockchain Founders Group

Demo Days

Showcase your startup in front of 500+ people in our LIVE and online monthly startup battles

Get asked questions from top VCs like Techstars, 500 Global, Outlier Ventures, and more

Create more content for your social media with the video snippet we share

investor showcase

Fundraising and pitch feedback

Receive Pitch deck reviews by experienced BFG pitching experts and investors

Receive instructions on how to improve pitch presentations in 1:1 calls

Receive investor outreach templates for LinkedIn, email, and Telegram

Selective investor, protocol, and grant intros when we see a good fit

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Startup toolkit and workshops

Access 30+ recordings of tactical workshops on building web3 communities, fundraising strategy, growth hacking, customer discovery and segmentation, and more

Access BFG best practice guides and templates, e.g., on growing a lead list, automation tools, contract templates, hiring templates, and CRM setup


Money-saving perks and credits

Accelerate the speed of building by accessing deals from our partners

Get discounts and credits for software like Notion, Fireflies, HubSpot, Twilio, and more

Get discounts for joining web3 conferences all over the world

▷ We update partnerships and access to discounts/credits on a frequent basis


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Get featured with our massive media exposure!

We help with lead generation through making your brand more well known

Tap into BFG’s reach of 10,000 people in the web3 space through our newsletter, LinkedIn, X (Twitter) and YouTube channel


What do other founders say about BFG?

We have accompanied more than 100 web3 founders since 2021, creating more than €75M in market value.

Meet the BFG core contributors

You will learn from our A-team: serial entrepreneurs, professors, investment professionals, advisors, and degens

Invest in your startup's sucess and get the support you need

per month
*quarterly payment (3 months package): 1497€
1 demo day every 3 months
1 pitch deck feedback per month
2x 30-minute advisory with a designated BFG advisor
Access to 10+ hours of curated early stage web3 video content, constantly updated
BFG lead generation templates
Vital legal contracts/agreements for your startup journey
per month
*quarterly payment (3 months package): 2097€
EVERYTHING in Standard
Get spotlighted in BFG’s newsletter, on LinkedIn, and X (Twitter) with a collective reach of 10,000 (real people, no bots)
Access to BFG founders database for peer learning/support and synergies


What is BFG Startup Booster?

BFG Startup Booster is a subscription program that provides startup founders with the resources and expertise they need to launch and grow their web3 startups. This includes feedback on their pitch deck, fundraising strategy, and traction; exposure to investors and ecosystem stakeholders; and access to a curated collection of tactical workshops, templates, guides, and best practice examples.

Who is BFG Startup Booster for?

BFG Startup Booster is for early-stage web3 startups that are looking to accelerate their growth. This includes startups that are still in the idea stage, as well as startups that have already launched and are looking to raise capital or scale their business.

What are the benefits of joining BFG Startup Booster?

The benefits of joining BFG Startup Booster include:

  • Feedback on your pitch deck, fundraising strategy, and traction from experienced BFG core team members.
  • Exposure to investors and ecosystem stakeholders through monthly online demo days and warm introductions.
  • A curated collection of tactical workshops from our "BFG Superstars" acceleration program.
  • Access to templates, guides, best practice examples, and BFG advisors.
What is your refund policy?

We fully refund any startup unsatisfied with BFG Startup Booster within the first 15 days.

Do I have to sign a contract to join BFG Startup Booster?

No, you do not have to sign a contract to join BFG Startup Booster. You can cancel your membership at any time.

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