Blockchain Founders Group And Twilio Segment Startup Program Join Forces For Accelerated Growth and Innovation

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February 10, 2023

Blockchain Founders Group and Twilio Segment Startup Program have entered into a partnership. Twilio Segment is a comprehensive analytics solution that helps startups collect and analyze data using various testing tools and platforms. Through the Segment Startup Program, our portfolio companies will benefit from free credits and access to help them get analytics right.- Author: Albert Sugiharto

Why we partnered with Twilio Segment Startup Program

Segment is a powerful analytics solution that empowers startups to collect, unify, and send data to their preferred tools with ease. Analytics are important building blocks in building the right MVP and measuring a business’ metrics. With Segment, startups can use a single analytics API to gather data from various sources such as web (Javascript), mobile (SDK), and server-side data sources. This collected data can then be sent to over 300 destinations including data warehouses, marketing platforms, A/B testing tools, and more, ensuring a consistent flow of data across all tools used by a company. 

Further, Segment makes it easy to send data to new tools with just a switch flip without any additional implementation required. This will free up valuable time for engineers to focus on developing their core product without the need for integrations or internal requests. Segment allows startups to get their analytics right and take their business to new heights, ensuring the right product-market fit, focusing on the team, and further growing the company.

What the benefits are for BFG portfolio companies

As a partner of the Twilio Segment Startup Program, our eligible portfolio companies will benefit from $50,000 in Segment credits for the first year, access to Segment’s deal book of over $1M in other software deals, expedited support, and access to webinars and content to help startups get their analytics right. In addition, companies will also receive an additional year of credits, and discounts of 50% and 25% in the following years, provided they are still qualified.

To take advantage of this exciting opportunity, companies should be incorporated less than two years ago and have raised no more than $5M in total funding. The exception to this is for companies that are outside of the US/UK/Canada, have less than 20 employees, and are not already on a sales contract or previously received other Segment discounts. Learn more about Twilio Segment Startup Program here and sign up for the program by using this link.


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