Blockchain Founders Group joins the “Tokenise Europe 2025” Initiative

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January 30, 2023

We are delighted to announce our partnership with “Tokenise Europe 2025”.  The initiative aims at accelerating tokenisation in Europe by helping set regulatory frameworks and legal certainty, foster education and increase knowledge, identify use cases of tokenisation, and revise strategies on how Europe can play a leading role in Industry 4.0. Author: Elias Mendel.

The European Commission and the Association of German Banks (BdB) have established the Tokenise Europe 2025 initiative to emphasize the significance of tokenisation. This initiative involves over 20 member organizations from France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Liechtenstein, Sweden, and Spain, and is backed by the management consultant Roland Berger. The report of the initiative highlights the benefits of tokenisation for Europe from both the industry’s and individual’s perspectives and investigates the main barriers that need to be overcome for Europe to establish itself as a tokenisation hub.

"It was not only an honor to represent BFG at TE 2025, but also a matter close to my heart to bring our diverse experience with start-ups into a bank-dominated environment, true to my mantra: Blockchain is so much more than just crypto!" 

Martina Dünser-Davis, BFG Managing Director

Figure 1. A snapshot taken from the Tokenise Europe 2025 report - the main activities for various stakeholders to focus on to advance tokenisation in Europe.

Europe must be aware of how new technology, in this case, tokenisation, can generate opportunities for services and business models to remain competitive in the international market.

Tokenisation refers to the creation of digital assets using digital tokens that are assigned with certain rights. This is done by leveraging DLT (distributed ledger technology), which boasts advantages such as transparency, high security, automation, and fractionalization. 

Tokenisation will have a major role in making the EU more competitive and resilient in the coming years. This potential has yet to be realized due to a lack of a consistent legal and regulatory framework. To take advantage of the possibilities of tokenisation, knowledge across the public and private sectors must be improved. This is key for tokenisation to unfold its potential in creating more efficient, secure, and trustful processes in areas such as supply chains, trade finance, logistics, and public services.

Feel free to take a look at the outcome of this initiative right here! - We're happy to get your feedback!

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