Blockchain Founders Group accelerates EkoLance to empower and connect web3 professionals

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July 5, 2022

bfg-accelerates-ekolanceWe at the Blockchain Founders Group are excited to announce the latest addition to our track record, EkoLance. EkoLance is a one-stop-shop for companies that need to source web3 talents. EkoLance offers high-quality blockchain education and connects employers with qualified blockchain talents.

Why we added EkoLance to our track record

In the past few years, we saw an accelerating growth and adoption of blockchain technology. Coinmarketcap shows that in 2022 the two biggest cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Ethereum - hit a total market capitalization of more than $1 trillion. The continuous growth is accompanied by the trend of workers moving from traditional web2 to web3 companies, as they see this opportunity to be at the forefront of the hottest industry while getting a significant salary boost according to Business Insider.

This called for a significant demand for blockchain professionals. Unfortunately, it is difficult for both talents and employers. Web3 talents face difficulties finding networking and job opportunities in the blockchain industry. They also lack the formal recognition and practical experience to participate in the ecosystem fully. Therefore, EkoLance founded a platform to connect web3 newcomers with crypto companies that see a great need for them.

How does EkoLance do it?

EkoLance aims to solve two major problems. On the one hand, web3 newcomers or web2 transitioners find it hard to enter the space. On the other hand, the problem of financial/educational inclusion persists specifically in third-world countries. EkoLance solves both problems by facilitating a platform for financial and educational inclusion while being the bridge for web3 talents and web3 companies.

Here is how EkoLance lowers the barrier for both talents and companies:

  • EkoLance provides high-quality web3 training, where web2 professionals will be guided and accumulate practical knowledge to become blockchain professionals.
  • EkoLance creates a job platform to connect trained blockchain professionals with employers. Companies can post job ads where trained talents have direct access to apply with their on-chain CV and recognitions.

Take a look at how EkoLance empowers and bridges web3 professionals with potential employers:

How EkoLance empowers and bridges web3 professionals with potential employersEkoLance has 3 steps to bridge web3 talents with employers

About EkoLance

The team behind EkoLance are experienced professionals in blockchain and education. Maria Eneva-Olms, the co-founder, has more than 8 years of experience as a financial services consultant, as well as the founder of a blockchain expert community and actively speaking and moderating blockchain conferences. Modupe Ativie, the co-founder, is a learning and development professional who is leading various African blockchain communities. Both co-founders are committed to empowering talents to pursue careers in the blockchain industry. Learn more about EkoLance on their Website and LinkedIn.

Contact: Maria Eneva-Olms, Co-Founder,


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