Blockchain Founders Group & Blockrocket support ELEET GAMES, a Web3 games publisher from Germany

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June 20, 2022

By: Benjamin Horvath and Wolfgang Männel

We are excited to support Carsten van Husen & Team of digital games publisher ELEET GAMES together with Alexander Rösner, the founder of Gameforge AG.

Carsten van Husen is the former CEO of Gameforge and has been a renowned thought leader in the gaming space for over 20 years.

We believe that his gaming background and community experience will be a decisive differentiator compared to many Blockchain Gaming models that have sprung up that did not have gamer founders but rather crypto technologists at their core.

Blockchain games could become one of the first real use cases for blockchain and metaverse mass adoption. This is because they are not just connecting people but potentially changing business models by aligning the incentives of developers and players.

However, the use of blockchain technology is not without controversy among the gaming community.

This is why ELEET GAMES will involve passionate gamers in all steps along its “Publishing 3.0” process, thus safeguarding a fun game environment. The company plans to make crypto, in the form of tokens and NFTs, fully optional with the expectation of winning the gaming community over with the distinct advantages of decentralization offered by blockchain technology.

ELEET Games wants to become the “Players’ Publisher” by combining Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn business models. Unlike traditional publishing, ELEET thinks its players should have a say in the publishing business. In return, the company will also share the commercial success and revenues of the games it publishes with the players.

We couldn’t be more excited to support a proven team from the gaming industry in the emerging market of blockchain-based games and digital game publishing 3.0.


ELEET GAMES is a novel type of publisher for the players, combining traditional as well as blockchain games. We strive to overcome the gap between crypto and core gaming. Game-play and entertainment first. ELEET GAMES additionally allows for optional participation in the commercial success and decision-making of the publishing label. We call it: Publishing 3.0 — Game Publishing Decentralized. 

Contact: Carsten van Husen, Founder & CEO

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Contact: Benjamin Horvath, Managing Director

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