Blockchain Founders Group Accelerates Firebond to Unlock The Full Potential of Web3 Game Developers Through Actionable Insights And Tools

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July 7, 2023

bfg accelerates firebondWe are excited to announce that Firebond has become our most recent addition to our track record. Firebond is an all-in-one analytics and growth marketing platform designed to enable web3 games to optimize player engagement, retention, and revenue generation. 

Why we added Firebond to our track record

The gaming industry is currently one of the most promising and exciting sectors, often overlooked amidst the larger ecosystem players. According to projections from Statista, gaming revenues are expected to reach a staggering $400 billion by 2023, with an annual growth rate of 7.7%. On average, each gamer contributes around $154 to this booming market. The web3 gaming space, which encompasses blockchain technology, is riding this wave of success, particularly in Asia, where 1.7 billion players (55% of the global gaming population) are leading the charge. This dominance is anticipated to grow to 80% in the near future, presenting a potential market of $200 billion, as reported by web3 Gaming. VC funds have already poured more than $3 billion into web3 games, with countries like Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam experiencing remarkable growth in their gaming economies.

However, game developers face a major challenge when it comes to acquiring users. In 2022 alone, a staggering $26.7 billion was spent on user acquisition, according to this report. This challenge is further compounded for web3 game developers due to the decentralized nature of blockchain and the need to provide a seamless user experience. Mainly, there are three significant issues faced by web3 gaming developers: a lack of analytical infrastructure and tools, difficulties in user acquisition and retention, and the high costs and complexity of existing solutions. These challenges necessitate the development of a new solution specifically tailored for web3 games.

How does Firebond do it?

Firebond is an analytics and growth marketing platform that empowers web3 game developers to optimize player engagement, retention, and revenue generation. By utilizing Firebond's platform, developers can reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC) by more than 50%. As a leading provider of gaming analytics and growth infrastructure, Firebond equips web3 game developers with easy-to-use analytical tools that facilitate efficient scaling. This, in turn, ensures enhanced player engagement, better retention rates, and increased revenue generation.

What sets Firebond apart from its competitors is the range of features it offers, coupled with its affordability. Firebond provides an engagement management dashboard, unified analytics that includes both dApp product and on-chain analytics, availability of a Software Development Kit (SDK), and fraud prevention powered by generative AI. These exceptional services are offered at prices that beat the competition.

Here is how Firebond does it:

  • Firebond helps web3 game developers acquire users by crafting tailor-made marketing initiatives on various social media channels to engage with untapped audiences. With the assistance of our user-friendly mission management tool, developers can focus on potential users efficiently.
  • Furthermore, Firebond aids in activating and retaining gamers, recognizing that the web3 ecosystem thrives on building long-lasting relationships. Game studios can effectively target users on their preferred platforms by utilizing robust user segmentation techniques. This, combined with powerful campaign management tools, boosts engagement levels.
  • Through Firebond's platform, developers can unlock the full potential of their web3 community. The platform integrates user information from both web2 and web3 sources, as well as in-app data, to create a holistic and robust understanding of user demographics. This data-driven approach generates valuable insights.
  • Lastly, security is a vital aspect within the web3 space, and Firebond ensures a trusted community by preventing bad actors and bots from participating through its fraud prevention tools.

Take a look at how Firebond simplifies user management and retention for web3 game developers with its user-friendly dashboard:

Firebond - dashboardFirebond utilizes data-driven insights to guarantee user growth and retention.

About Firebond

The Firebond team is made up of an experienced team in gaming and blockchain technologies. Ganesh Ramalingam, co-founder and CEO, has a lot of experience in building communities and marketing. He has previously worked with the Cake DeFi leadership team and created India's first esports online coaching platform. Atharva Pandey, co-founder and CTO, is a technology leader who has worked in various blockchain companies. He has made significant contributions to Coindex, Staking Rewards, and served as the lead engineer at Crew3. Together, the Firebond team aims to be the leading provider of gaming analytics and growth infrastructure, allowing web3 game developers to maximize their games' potential by providing useful insights and tools to improve player acquisition and retention strategies. Learn more about Firebond on their Website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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