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May 9, 2024


From over 300 applications to just twelve, meet the web3 startups that are participating in the BFG Adrenaline Season 5 cohort. - Author: Melissa Lim

It’s the time of the year that we look forward to – welcoming a new batch of teams for our Accelerator program. These twelve startups have been shortlisted from a pool of over 300 applicants spanning 67 countries to participate in the fifth season of our web3 startup accelerator program.

As the startups embark on an intensive 8-week curriculum, engaging in workshops covering sales tactics, growth hacking, pitch refinement, and investor engagement, we look forward to seeing the results come mid-June at the end of the program.

From workflow automation to the development of infrastructure for subscription payments, here are the innovative ideas from our talented founders that comprise this cohort:

Chain Gab

Based in: USA

Chain Gab's platform simplifies the search for information on web3 NFT projects. Users can discover NFT projects based on various sales and social data points, enhancing their understanding of the NFT marketplace.

DeFi Builder

Based in: Romania

DeFi Builder offers a SaaS solution powered by AI for aspiring Web3 entrepreneurs. With no-code tools, it streamlines project development, making it accessible and efficient.

Based in: Netherlands automates digital asset trading processes. It provides infrastructure to streamline ETP/ETF flows, integrate platforms, manage risks, and reduce costs, optimizing trading infrastructure deployment.

Based in: Romania automates Web3 team workflows by connecting their apps. It boosts productivity and efficiency by streamlining processes in the dynamic Web3 environment.

DROP System

Based in: Hong Kong

DROP System revitalizes client engagement and acquisition for businesses. Its mint-and-rebate mechanism combines retention and acquisition efforts, offering merchants and their customers novel opportunities to earn loyalty rewards.


Based in: USA

GearChain aims to simplify the supply chain industry with AI-driven solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. By integrating barcode to blockchain technology and leveraging AI algorithms, the system aims to optimize efficiency and transparency.


Based in: Lithuania

Micapass offers user-centric AML compliance solutions. Its ongoing KYC, AML, and wallet-screening services maintain user privacy and help protocols avoid illicit funds, and sanctioned individuals.


Based in: Dubai

Nodanomics allows startups and developers to prototype and simulate web3 economic models through a user-friendly, no-code interface. Using AI, and by integrating real-time data to conduct simulations, it analyzes and refines tokenomics to ensure sustainable economic models before and after launch.

Sorted Wallet

Based in: Hong Kong

Sorted Wallet enables secure crypto transactions on feature phones and low-powered smartphones, promoting financial inclusion by democratizing access to cryptocurrency.

Stable Jack

Based in: USA

Stable Jack is an Avalanche native LSTfi protocol that partitions AVAX volatility into two products to have a new yield-bearing stablecoin, called aUSD, while also creating a volatile AVAX token, called xAVAX.

Stargazer Domains

Based in: Spain

Stargazer Domains likens itself to Zapier for decentralized identity. It facilitates verifiable interactions between apps and users, enhancing trust and transparency in the digital realm.

Yoki Finance

Based in: USA

Yoki Finance provides users a web3 subscription payments gateway infrastructure and a permissionless platform, allowing users to navigate the subscription economy with ease.


Track along with the teams’ developments as they participate in our highly intensive startup accelerator over the next eight weeks. At the end of the program, the most promising teams will secure up to €120k to financially support their trajectory and progress. 

We are also partnered with Algorand Foundation and Concordium, who are supporting the program and looking for the best and most promising startups building on these respective ecosystems. The most promising startups from our program will receive grants from them.

If you would like to meet and hear from our startups live, join us at the Season 5 Demo Day on 20 June, where our best and most promising startups from the cohort will pitch. Register here to join us.

To request for an introduction to any of the startups, feel free to contact Max Zheng at



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