Blockchain Founders Group accelerates Signa X to drive the future of Metaverse and GameFi

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June 17, 2022

bfg-accelerates-signa-xWe at the Blockchain Founders Group are excited to announce the latest addition to our track record Signa X. Signa X is the go-to platform for digital asset creation with asset leasing features. Their product is optimized for a seamless asset production experience so that any potential buyer can acquire assets at scale.

Why we added Signa X to our track record

With the advent of the metaverse hype, we see great potential for investment opportunities in the metaverse development sector. It eliminates centralized control of the web2-based metaverse world, giving back control to users.

With the creation of the web3-based metaverse, we are experiencing many innovative business models emerging especially for the gaming industry. The combination of DeFi and the entertainment industry opens up a whole new segment within the industry which is referred to GameFi. In GameFi, users can directly trade their in-game assets on-chain.

According to Global Industry Analysts, the global metaverse market is projected to reach $760 billion and the GameFi to more than 500 billion. This huge market unfortunately faces several challenges. First, it is difficult for projects to create digital assets at scale due to the limited team and technological resources. Further, the entry barrier is high for users as purchasing in-game assets could cost a lot due to the limited production and supply. Lastly, the production of digital assets tends to be costly and difficult due to the technicalities. This creates an imbalance between supply and demand, with many currently existing digital assets lying idle in users’ wallets without being utilized.

Signa X aims to empower Metaverse and GameFi

Signa X creates a unique platform to solve the prominent issues in the metaverse: high production cost and low asset utilization. Through its unique digital asset creation, Signa X provides high-volume digital assets through a partnership with verified creators to launch their digital assets for projects in the metaverse and GameFi. Moreover, the unique leasing platform allows users to utilize their otherwise idle digital assets. The curated assets can then be leased for different projects to bridge the gap between demand and supply while creating revenue for asset owners.

Here is how Signa X will empower the metaverse and GameFi:

  • Together with verified creators, Signa X empowers the creation of a range of bespoke and customizable assets for projects and rapidly scales their asset acquisition process.
  • Signa X offers a unique digital asset leasing platform, where curated assets can be leased to various projects to generate revenue.

Take a look at how users can easily create digital assets on Signa X:

Signa X MVPSigna X’s platform to create customized digital assets

About Signa X

The team behind Signa X has experience across different industries with a proven track record of building, scaling and successful acquisitions as entrepreneurs. Aakarsh Naidu, CEO and co-founder, has deep knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. Adhikar Naidu, CTO and co-founder, is an experienced consultant in finance and investment strategy, as well as a seasoned entrepreneur. Both co-founders had exposure and network with some of the top firms in the world. Learn more about Signa X on their Website and LinkedIn.

Contact: Aakarsh Naidu, CEO and Co-Founder,


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