Concordium Partners with BFG for Joint Funding in Web3 Startups

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December 22, 2023


Blockchain Founders Group and Concordium have entered into an strategic partnership. Concordium is a permissionless Layer 1 that balances privacy with accountability, providing a fast, secure, and high-scale blockchain platform to build a safer tomorrow.
Author: Dominik Peer


  • Get funding of up to €120k.
  • Build your project within the Concordium ecosystem.
  • Program offerings: startups gain mentorship, technical support, and marketing opportunities.
  • Focus on seed-stage startups: registrations open until 10 March, 2024

About the Partnership - Blockchain Founders Group x Concordium

Concordium joins the Blockchain Founders Group as an funding partner to run a specifically designed acceleration program in support of any projects looking to build in the Concordium ecosystem. Each selected project stands to gain financial backing totaling €120k, with equal contributions from both BFG and Concordium.

"We're thrilled to partner with Concordium for the upcoming season of our joint accelerator program. Concordium's commitment to a safer, regulation-ready blockchain future aligns perfectly with our goals. Their team's expertise and innovative Layer1 technology will undoubtedly empower the brightest web3 startups, ensuring a new wave of secure and cost-effective blockchain applications."

- Max Zheng, Director of Investments at BFG

Torben Kaarber, Head of Commercial at Concordium, says:

“We are excited about this partnership which brings together expertise in blockchain technology and BFG's insights into startup success. We are committed to create a thriving environment where cutting-edge blockchain projects can grow and thrive, nourished by a unique blend of funding, mentorship, and technical support. We believe that this collaboration will be a catalyst for advancements in blockchain technology and are eagerly looking forward to the contributions these startups will bring to the Concordium ecosystem."

Why join Season 5?

Following the successful completion of Season 4, this collaboration marks a significant enhancement to our offering. Participants in Season 5 will now benefit from the combined strengths of both BFG and Concordium.

From BFG's side, startups can look forward to 

  • Weekly tactical workshops
  • Designated lead mentor
  • Intense 1:1 meetings on-demand

Concordium, on the other hand, brings its unique advantages to the table, offering startups:

  • Access to ecosystem funding decision makers
  • Access to ecosystem technical support
  • Joint marketing opportunities if we provide funding

Who this accelerator program is looking for:

Our accelerator program seeks teams that have achieved certain milestones and meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must possess a compelling idea, a dedicated team, and ideally, an established company. (Having initial paying customers is not a requirement.)
  • Various focus areas are considered,including Real World Asset Tokenization, DeFi, Metavers, Digital ID Solution, among others.
  • Most importantly, the teams must be committed to building within the Concordium ecosystem.

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Waitlist sign-up deadline is December 31, 2023.

About Concordium

Concordium is a permissionless green Layer 1; a science-backed blockchain that balances privacy with accountability through its ID layer and Zero-knowledge proofs. Creating trust with ID is key to scaling businesses. Concordium provides a fast, secure, and high-scale blockchain platform that makes building use cases and using dApps easy. 

Concordium differs by having verified ID and instant finality with high throughput, and low transaction fees, pegged to FIAT. The project has gained attention for its focus on creating a blockchain platform that can be used in regulated industries, providing a balance between privacy and compliance—a critical aspect often seen as a challenge in blockchain technology.

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About Blockchain Founders Group

Blockchain Founders Group (BFG) is a company builder and early-stage venture capital backer. Our team comprises academic and regulatory drivers of the blockchain economy, serial entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. We love to work with outstanding entrepreneurial talents and bring to bear the full support of our network to make them succeed. 

About the BFG x Concordium Program

The BFG x Concordium Program is an accelerator designed for seed-stage blockchain startups, ready to scale their ventures. Over a six-week period, participants engage in intensive mentorship and strategic business development, with the goal of accelerating growth and enhancing investment readiness. Catering to startups with valuations typically under €1 million, the program provides essential resources and access to a network of industry experts and investors, setting these startups on a path to success in the blockchain market. More information about the program can be found here.

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Contact: Max Zheng, Director of Investments,

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