Blockchain Founders Group accelerates Sustaim to bridge the gap in the carbon offset market

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May 31, 2022


We at the Blockchain Founders Group are excited to announce the latest addition to our track record, Sustaim. Sustaim is a platform that bridges the gap in the carbon offsetting market by providing investors with a verifiable and transparent process through bridging carbon onto the blockchain.

Why we added Sustaim to our track record

The increased awareness of global warming and the impact of carbon emissions raise the importance of reducing emissions for many companies. This trend is reflected in the two-fold increase in net-zero emission pledges, with the voluntary carbon market at $1 billion. This trend is projected to grow 15 times by 2030, according to research by McKinsey. One way to do this is by purchasing carbon credit to offset the emission.

However, the current carbon offset market is unable to handle the increasing demand. The process is highly inefficient due to its complicated nature, as most carbon offsets were done through over-the-counter processes, resulting in high fees and limited availability. Moreover, it lacks transparency as companies could not verify the actual impact of their contribution. Impact measurements were usually done by the projects themselves with unclear calculations.

Sustaim aims to bridge the gap in the carbon offset market

Sustaim aims to solve these issues by providing a verifiable and transparent carbon offsetting process by bridging carbon onto the blockchain. Acting as the bridge between projects and investors, Sustaim lowers the entry barrier for companies interested in reducing their overall emissions.

Here is how Sustaim will make it easier for companies to invest in the carbon offset market:

  • Sustaim provides an easy-to-use dashboard where investors can buy, sell, and hold on to carbon offset projects they believe in.
  • Sustaim creates direct connections to projects by providing transparent details about each project and supplying regular updates on the dashboard.
  • Sustaim allows full transparency through blockchain by creating blockchain-based tokens, allowing companies to claim their contributions publicly.

Take a look at how Sustaim aims to make a carbon offsetting process easy by bridging projects with investors:

Carbon offset process of SustaimSustaim bridges the gap between projects and investors

About Sustaim

The team behind Sustaim is passionate about sustainability and blockchain, combining two industries that have become more relevant these days. Milan Köhler, the co-founder, has experience in a B2B technology company and an extensive network with people in the carbon certification market. Peter Lange, the co-founder, has experience in the marketplace and renewable energy industry. Alexander Krost, CTO, has deep knowledge in data engineering and software development. Learn more about Sustaim on their Website and LinkedIn.

Contact: Peter Lange, co-founder,


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