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March 19, 2024

ChainComply <> BFG AnnouncementWe at Blockchain Founders Group are excited to announce the latest addition to our track record, ChainComply. ChainComply is revolutionizing the way banks and Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) engage with crypto exchanges, providing a groundbreaking enhanced Due Diligence tool for AML teams. This solution streamlines source-of-fund investigations, making the compliance process faster and more efficient, thus helping financial institutions retain crypto-holding clients while avoiding regulatory fines.

Why we added ChainComply to our track record

In the face of growing cryptocurrency adoption, traditional financial institutions find themselves at a crossroads. The complexity of tracking and verifying the origin of funds from crypto transactions poses a significant challenge, often leading to lengthy, manual investigations or, worse, the outright rejection of these funds. ChainComply addresses this critical pain point by offering an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that transforms intricate crypto transactions into clear financial history snapshots, identifying risky transactions and patterns along the way.

The Solution ChainComply Offers

ChainComply's B2B SaaS analytics tool is a beacon of innovation in a very complex market. With just a few clicks, financial institutions can gather crucial information about their clients' crypto exchange activities, converting cumbersome transactions into digestible financial insights. 

ChainComply goes beyond mere compliance; it positions AML as a strategic advantage, enabling financial institutions to:

  • Decrease AML costs by empowering front-line teams and saving expert time.
  • Retain and gain customers by catering to the needs of crypto holders without compromising compliance standards.
  • Avoid fines and reputational damage by leveraging data from primary sources and incorporating on-chain knowledge through easy-to-understand patterns and automated decisions.

ChainComply ChainComply's solution.

About ChainComply

ChainComply's founding team combines expertise from traditional finance and the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. CEO Pavlina Pavlova, CPO Lukasz Lukaszewski, and CTO Nikolay Stanev bring a wealth of experience from their previous ventures, demonstrating an exceptional ability to innovate at the intersection of these two sectors. Their journey, marked by successes and learning experiences alike, including ventures such as ChainCollaterals and KLEAR Lending, showcases their capacity to navigate and contribute to the evolving financial landscape.

ChainComply stands distinct in the AML compliance landscape, offering dynamic solutions where others present static reports. This platform's advantage stems from a deep understanding of the problems faced by banks and VASPs in the evolving post-MiCA regulatory world, a knowledge base competitors find hard to match. With an early start in the market, ChainComply has not only established a strong brand but also set a precedent in responsiveness and adaptability to the sector's needs.

Beyond mere functionality, ChainComply is envisioned as a growing ecosystem, already integrating forward-thinking features like NFT platform compatibility, wash-trading scanners, and regulatory compliance tools. This proactive approach to product development ensures ChainComply is a step ahead, providing a versatile platform that evolves with the market.

For further insights into ChainComply's mission and the revolutionary tool transforming the crypto compliance landscape, visit ChainComply's website and follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Contact: Pavlina Pavlova, CEO,



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