BFG joins Discord

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April 5, 2022

BFG web3 incubator joins discord

Discord is one of the biggest community hubs for crypto enthusiasts. Discord provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge and share industry insights on crypto trends, live and 24/7. Its messaging and voice chat functionalities, combined with a neat channel organization, create the perfect environment for community members to conveniently get into contact with crypto projects, learn about crypto, or simply stay up-to-date. 

Therefore, we recently decided to join Discord to connect to our community on a more personal level, share our research materials, and create a job-hunting space for crypto enthusiasts and crypto companies to find each other. - Author: Ahaan Raizada

Our goals

Each day the blockchain and crypto world is evolving rapidly. We gained incredible insights into the technical, strategic, and legal side of building blockchain businesses through our work. Our team dealt extensively with cutting-edge technologies and crypto topics such as tokenization, NFTs, crypto asset management, and much more, and learned first-hand to overcome challenges in this fast-paced environment.

Given our extensive involvement and research in the industry last year, we decided it was time to start something new yet again, sharing our resources and ideas more directly with the community We are delighted to announce the launch of BFG’s open Discord server - a place where the brightest minds in the industry meet a passionate blockchain community, allowing for great ideas to spawn!

BFG web3 startup discord pageIntroducing the BFG Discord server and welcoming its members

Networking for crypto enthusiasts 

We encountered a major challenge most crypto projects can relate to - finding suitable talents in the crypto space. Given the industry’s novelty, one of the biggest hurdles remains to find skilled crypto and blockchain professionals. With the launch of our Discord channel, we will be able to onboard all our current talents to a common ground with a shared objective: building and developing the token economy. 

The BFG Discord channel is the perfect place for crypto enthusiasts to get together, exchange ideas and form a team!

Why Discord?

Driven by our desire to communicate with our community and like-minded ones in a more direct manner, we have made the decision to migrate to Discord and open our own server, as we feel it provides some powerful tools that help us accomplish said goal. The rationale ranges from messaging capabilities to tactical issues restricting our flexibility on other tools.

Discord initially started off as a voice and text app for gamers to coordinate and interact while playing multiplayer games. However, it has now transformed into the go-to platform for community building for any cause and is particularly popular in the web 3.0 community. From NFT projects to P2E gaming guilds, to DAOs and more…Discord hosts it all. Here are some of our reasons

Unlimited messaging 

On Discord, as opposed to other communication tools, there is no fixed limit to both how many messages can be sent and how many messages can be viewed by the members. Slack, for instance, only permits you to view a workspace’s last 10,000 words, which initially may sound like a lot, but is surpassed quite fast once your community hits a certain size. We need certainty that all messages sent are fully traceable at all times, so that no past ideas or issues get lost. 

More flexibility 

Discord has extra channel and group options, allowing for a more tailored channel design.

For instance, we'll be able to create private chat and voice channels for specific customer interactions within the server, as well as independent public channels for hosting events and other purposes.

Convenient chatting and screen sharing features

Discord features voice channels in addition to the regular chat channels, which may be used for everything from casual conversations to support services to live debates.

These rooms also include one-click video and screen sharing, allowing for quick and simple impromptu conversations. Importantly, all those features come with an easy-to-use UI, so you can get started right away.

BFG Discord in a nutshell

The BFG Discord will become a hub to…:

  1. … exchange top-notch research, insights, and content on the latest trends in the blockchain space from our research teams
  2. … get to know the BFG network consisting of people from the VC industry to developers, lawyers, CEOs, etc. 
  3. … explore highly sought-after job opportunities 
  4. … get access to various community events in the blockchain space

Join us

Some sneak-peeks into the server:

BFG crypto NFT degensDiscuss the hottest projects with NFT Degens

BFG crypto jobsGet early access to exclusive job offers with rising startups

BFG blockchain market insightDiscuss current market movements with major alpha from our research team

BFG blockchain startups networkReceive feedback on your ideas and startup and expand your network 

discord structure

Find a neat channel structure for each topic.

BFG discord super users

Reach out to the super admins for any issues you encounter. We are always happy to help!

However, that’s not all. The BFG Discord server connects all BFG Superstars program participants - a startup incubator launched by BFG in 2022 to help kickstart, mentor, and scale the best blockchain business ideas from scratch. Our community comprises developers, marketers, finance wizards, consultants, NFT degens, CTOs, and CEOs worldwide. Twitter may be where “it’s happening,” but Discord is where “we’re building”! Join the BFG family on Discord!

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