The S0 Cohort (2021)

Meet the Startup Teams from the BFG S0 Cohort provides freelancers with the tools to succeed in the Web 3.0 era. The objective is to empower freelancers to accept cryptocurrency payments, preparing them for a blockchain-based business. is the tailor-made accounting solution for the embracing token economy.

Current funding stage: seed round (completed)

basenode team

Kasuria (formerly "Sharpe Explorer") has the vision to support professional investors and asset managers to "de-complex" the complex structure of Decentralized Finance. The goal is to lower the entry barriers through high-quality data enabling thorough research and reports. 

Current funding stage: seed round (completed)

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datash makes data for all popular NFT contracts easy accessible and helps investors make reasonable decisions by offering NFT analytic tools and an NFT portfolio overview.

Current funding stage: pre-seed round (completed)

Luna Vision is a digital marketing agency with its roots in the blockchain ecosystem. The strongest feature is that Luna Vision offers data-focused blockchain marketing with a deep understanding of blockchain technology.

Current funding stage: pre-seed round (completed)


capneo DAO is creating a decentralized infrastructure for impact investment in ecosystem projects. capneo DAO enables and converges community-driven infrastructure development projects of the real world and the Open Metaverse

Current funding stage: seed round (open)

cap title

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