BFG And Ethermail Partner up to Bring Web3 Email to Early-Stage Businesses

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February 16, 2023

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Blockchain Founders Group and Ethermail have entered into a partnership. EtherMail reimagines Email for Web3 by allowing fully anonymous and encrypted P2P communication. It also acts as a CRM that manages web3 users and rewards them for reading relevant content in their inbox. - Author: Jong-Chan Chung

Why we partnered with EtherMail

EtherMail, the first Web3 Email Solution setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication, already boasts over 500,000 users who are onboarded to the Web3 email infrastructure. Different from legacy email providers, EtherMail tries to bring users and companies together through incentive alignment guided by anonymous and free communication and a compensation scheme based on how valuable they are to advertisers. EtherMail wants to provide a high-quality email marketing and communication experience for both users and advertisers.

“We are delighted to enter this partnership with Blockchain Founders Group to deliver an end-to-end and anonymous Web3 email and CRM system for their startup portfolio. The ability for projects to send messages directly to their community is essential in terms of driving user engagement and aggregating feedback, especially for early-stage startups. With EtherMail, this can now be achieved without leaving the Web3 space.”
— Gerald Heydenreich (CEO & Founder, EtherMail)

What the benefits are for BFG portfolio companies

Through the Blockchain Founders Group’s “Web3 Email for Startups” program, eligible portfolio startups will be in with a chance of receiving up to $20,000 in rewards – spread between EMC tokens, ad credits, and cash prizes – by creating an EtherMail account and bringing new users to EtherMail. After signing up, projects can auto-create a list of all current token holders through data automatically gleaned from the blockchain. With these up-to-date lists of asset holders, projects can set up email campaigns and execute tailored communications to community members and the wider base of EtherMail users. Startups that have raised less than $5 million in total funding and have been incorporated less than five years ago are eligible to apply for the program here.

Since closing a $3 million seed round in August 2022, EtherMail has experienced rapid growth in terms of user onboarding, and established partnerships with popular NFT projects such as Probably Nothing, Toxic Skulls Club, inBetweeners and Prime Planet. EtherMail’s Web3 email solution enables projects to maintain a direct line of communication with current asset holders, based on blockchain-synced, real-time information. The company’ Web3 email solution also facilitated Web3 voting for Decrypt Studios’ inaugural Crypties Awards 2022 – the crypto industry’s preeminent annual awards initiative. Most recently, EtherMail announced its integration with ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and Unstoppable Domains, extending the reach of its Web3 email solution to millions of registered UD and ENS users – allowing them to sign up for Web3 newsletters by using their UD or ENS Web3 domain, instead of needing to know their complete wallet address by heart.

“EtherMail has rapidly grown into a Web3 email powerhouse, securing a set of impressive partnerships and integrations in short order. As our portfolio projects accelerate development, maintaining a direct line of communication with asset holders will be of utmost importance. EtherMail’s Web3 email solution will facilitate encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication, helping projects boost community relations activities and scale at pace.”
— Sarah Gottwald (Managing Director, Blockchain Founders Group)


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