Achievements & Highlights

We launch and build crypto startups within 2-3 months

Our benchmark shows that it takes 2-3 months to ideate, validate and launch a crypto project. It then takes another 1-3 months to develop a working prototype and get to the pre-revenue stage.

The BFG company-building approach is successful and highly efficient!



We receive over 400 applications per cohort from highly talented people in the blockchain space



From North America to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America, we are proud to have a diverse group of entrepreneurs in our program.



We incubate and fund 5-7 startups per cohort. To date, we funded 15+ startup projects!

The Ethos of BFG Superstars

In a nutshell, a startup incubator is an initiative designed specifically to help founders succeed in their startup journey and help them grow their business. We started the program because we strongly feel that there is an abundance of business opportunities and unmet needs when it comes to areas such as DeFi, NFTs, metaverse, gaming, privacy/identity tech, CO2 compensation, distributed data economies, DAOs, and web3 development in general.

However, we do things differently and separate our program from ordinary VCs and incubators. Instead of inviting applicants who already have an idea or founded a company with some sort of MVP, we level the playing field by removing such requirements and only focus on the individual/team's competency and drive.

Our ethos is simple: look for the most talented people and then help them build from scratch. By foregoing the necessity of requiring applicants to already have some sort of startup to showcase, we will attract a greater pool of talent

About BFG Superstars

BFG Superstars is a start-up incubation program launched by Blockchain Founders Group - a venture capital and company builder firm with a strong footprint in Central Europe. The BFG Superstars’ investment thesis is to invest in blockchain talents and high-potential crypto ideas as we believe it is the most important technology for the next decade.

Since BFG’s inception, we’ve made over 30 direct investments and have founded 10+ companies in-house.

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