The Most Important AI Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2023

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Jun 3, 2023 8:45:21 AM


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of modern businesses, driving innovation and creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs to enhance their operations and maximize their profits. We have put together a list of some of the best and most important AI tools for entrepreneurs to use in 2023, highlighting their key features and applications. - Author: Jona Hauch



With the release of the freely available GPT-3 version of ChatGPT, the AI industry received unprecedented hype and attention.

The release of GPT-3 represented a major milestone in the development of natural language processing (NLP) technology, with the model demonstrating unprecedented levels of accuracy, fluency, and coherence in generating human-like text.

It shattered records in terms of user adoption, amassing one million users in just five days and reaching 100 million users within two months. To put this into perspective, Instagram took 30 months and TikTok 9 months to achieve the same number of users.

With the increasing hype around AI, numerous new businesses have entered the AI market, building niche solutions based on ChatGPT's technology. Startups that were already working on AI solutions have also benefitted from this trend.

To keep an overview and profit from this hype as a user we have created a list of interesting AI tools for entrepreneurs, categorized by their main use case.

AI tools for business use cases

ChatGPT - understands and processes natural language input (free version available)

ChatGPT is a conversational interface created by OpenAI, that comprehends and handles natural language input. It adapts to users' feedback to deliver precise and meaningful responses. It's a flexible tool applicable to many areas and use cases.

Digital marketing AI tools

Writesonic - create SEO-friendly content with AI for blogs and websites (free trial, from $12.67/month)

Writesonic is an AI-based tool that creates SEO-friendly content for blogs, Facebook ads, Google ads, and websites. It also features a paraphrasing tool to rephrase entire articles instantly, which is beneficial for content creators who want to streamline their workflow.

Rytr - AI writing assistant for fast, affordable, high-quality content (free version available)

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!

Piggy Quiz Maker - create visually appealing quizzes in an efficient way (free)

Piggy Quiz Maker is an AI-powered tool that can create visually appealing quizzes with 7-10 questions optimized for mobile devices. Generate quizzes on any topic with just a prompt.

AI tools for customer support

Echowin - automate incoming calls with AI (free trial, $19.99/month)

Echowin's AI-powered call management system simplifies business tasks, customer inquiries, and connections, freeing up time for business owners. The fully automated system can handle an unlimited number of calls and provides personalized responses using natural language understanding. Its real-time visibility into customer interactions also allows for data-driven insights that can improve decision-making.

Tiledesk - chatbots and live chat (free version available)

Tiledesk offers a comprehensive suite of services for businesses, including a messaging platform that allows for seamless communication between customers and businesses, as well as a chatbot builder that automates customer interactions. Their tools help businesses improve customer engagement, reduce response time, and optimize workflows.

E-Commerce AI tools

Aidaptive - display relevant products and services to your shoppers (free trial)

Their solution automatically displays relevant products and services, powered by advanced machine learning algorithms. Aidaptive's solution aims to save shoppers time and increase conversion rates and average order value.

AI education assistants

Humata - AI-powered chatbot to efficiently manage and understand files (free version available)

An AI-powered chatbot that helps users manage and understand their files effectively. It offers features such as instant answers, faster research, data extraction, Q&A capabilities, and automatic writing to streamline various tasks. Humata is useful for researchers, students, and business professionals looking to quickly analyze complex documents, write papers, and extract valuable insights from files.

TutorAI - enter a topic to get learning options (free)

Tutor AI is a learning platform that utilizes AI technology to offer a variety of learning options on any topic. Users can input a topic and Tutor AI generates multiple options for learning about that particular subject.

PaperBrain - platform to access & understand research papers (free)

Access and comprehend research papers with ease using the platform and it’s GPT assistant. Featuring paper abstracts and direct PDF links.

Finance AI tools

Onesta - ask AI financial questions & browse advisor database to uncover info (free)

Onesta is a financial advisor search platform that provides users with a powerful search engine to filter advisors by specific criteria. The platform also features an AI-powered assistant that offers educational materials, background checks on advisors, and resources for investors. Onesta offers a solution for individuals seeking the best financial advisor to meet their needs, as well as financial advisors looking to showcase their expertise and connect with potential clients.

AI legal assistant

DoNotPay - robot lawyer helps fight corporations and beat bureaucracy (free trial)

DoNotPay is an AI-powered platform that provides affordable and intuitive legal services for users, including canceling free trials, beating parking tickets, suing robocallers, and finding hidden money. It is suitable for individuals seeking legal assistance and information without the high costs of traditional legal services.

AI tools to create presentations

Tome - AI-powered generative storytelling (free version available)

Utilize artificial intelligence to produce complete stories, convert your documents into presentations, or generate new pages quickly. They have a DALL·E integration which enables you to design captivating images specifically crafted to visualize your concept.

Storyd - create data presentations leaders love, in seconds (free version available)

STORYD is an AI-powered tool that helps users create engaging and impactful data presentations. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features like story starters, script generator, and professional slides, users can quickly create presentations that capture the attention of leaders and improve communication with data. It also allows for collaboration with teams and customization of presentations that can be exported to PowerPoint.

AI tools to help with sales

MagicForm - train an AI salesperson to boost conversions in 3 mins

MagicForm is an AI conversational platform that enhances website engagement and conversion rates. Its key features include GPT-3 technology, CRM integration, and data collection to provide personalized and accurate responses, customer insights, and seamless CRM integration. MagicForm's use cases include businesses and professionals such as website owners, sales and marketing teams, and customer support seeking to improve visitor engagement, gather insights and provide personalized responses.

AI tools specifically for startups

Finta - automate fundraising workflow & grow your business (free trial, from $44.00/month)

Finta for Fundraising is an AI-powered fundraising tool with a variety of features that streamline the fundraising process. Secure deal rooms, personalized email scripts, investor matching, equity management, and a virtual data room are among the key features. The platform serves founders, investors, and businesses looking to improve their fundraising efforts with AI-powered automation and personalization.

Durable - create a website, automate marketing & manage finances in 30 secs (free trial, from $15.00/month)

Durable AI is an AI-powered website builder that enables entrepreneurs to quickly create professional websites with customization and all-in-one platform features. Use cases include website creation for businesses and entrepreneurs, streamlining website management, and facilitating online business launches.

Cody - the magic of ChatGPT but trained on your business (free trial)

An AI-powered virtual employee that helps businesses with various tasks, offering tailored training, instant answers, task execution, and customization. It can be used for marketing, HR, or support needs and is ideal for businesses seeking to save time and money while boosting employee efficiency.

AI tools for developers

Code assistant AI tools

Codeium - AI-powered code acceleration toolkit to code smarter, not harder (free)

An AI-powered code completion tool that simplifies coding and offers features such as IDE integration, efficient coding, and natural language processing. It's trusted by companies like Adobe, Dropbox, IBM, Pinterest, Salesforce, and Tesla, and it's free to use with the Codeium Extension. Codeium's use cases are ideal for software developers, teams working on large codebases, and companies seeking to enhance their development process with AI-powered tools.

Developer AI tools

MarsAi - low-code platform for building web and mobile apps (free)

An AI-powered programming platform that accelerates web and mobile app development by offering features such as access to pre-built applications to reuse, NFT marketplaces, a No-Code builder, and a peer-to-peer marketplace to connect buyers and vendors.

AI tools for images, logos and 3D animations

Image generator

DallE-2 - create realistic images from text, combining concepts and styles (free)

OpenAI's DALL·E 2 is a beta AI system that generates realistic images and art from natural language descriptions. Key features include high resolution, image editing, variations, and safety mitigations. It is ideal for designers, content creators, and researchers seeking AI-generated inspiration and insights into advanced AI systems.

Stable Diffusion - deep learning text-to-image model 

Stable Diffusion is an AI system that excels in generating detailed images from text descriptions and can be used to enhance, extend and transform images with AI assistance and text prompts. Its use cases include generating custom visuals for marketing campaigns, restoring or extending images, and creating unique image-to-image translations guided by textual prompts.

Logo generator

Looka - create custom logos (from $20.00/month)

Looka Logo Maker is an AI-powered tool that enables users to design custom logos and build a brand identity without requiring any design skills. Key features include AI-powered logo design, a comprehensive Brand Kit, and an easy-to-use editor. Use cases include designing custom logos and creating branded marketing materials.

Namecheap - get free logos (free)

Simply answer a handful of questions and get a variety of logos to download for free.

3D animations

Kinetix - create 3D animations for free (free)

The no-code platform for creating 3D animations for free. Take yourself to the metaverse. No skills required.


We've outlined some of the most important AI tools for entrepreneurs in 2023, categorized by their main use cases. From digital marketing to customer support, e-commerce to finance, and developer tools, there are plenty of options for entrepreneurs looking to integrate AI into their business.

You can find even more AI tools on Futurepedia, a platform that provides a constantly updated directory of AI tools and served as our main source for creating this list.

At Blockchain Founders Group, we actively support the intelligent use of AI tools by our startups, while also pointing out their potential and current limitations. While these tools can significantly increase efficiency, we also emphasize the importance of human judgment, quality control, and adding value to the results of AI tools.


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