Join season 4 of BFG Superstars - our Web3 startup incubator program

Join alone or as a team, with or without an idea.
We provide €70k in financial support for each startup that we build with you.

→ We pay €2,000 per month to support you!

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Deadline: Application closed
12 Weeks Accelerator
Program Start: September 04
Cost: €0
Financial Support: €70k

Startup Incubation

Every year, we launch 15+ startups together with Web3 entrepreneurs based on the BFG company-building best practices.

We Want The Best

We are looking for the most promising Web3 entrepreneurs. Join from anywhere in the world, we don't charge any fees.

Our Network

We count some of the brightest minds in the blockchain industry as partners, advisors, and investors. Be part of it!


Within 12 weeks, we provide mentorship, financial support, and access to our network for next-generation business models

Web3, Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Identity, Bitcoin Lightning, CO2 Compensation, Gaming, Metaverse, and Financial Inclusion

You can participate in our program from anywhere in the world.

Step 1


Phase 1: You will be challenged! You will do 5 intense case studies and we will see if BFG and you are a good fit.

Step 1
Step 2

Ideation & Kick-Off

Kick-off: Go through a one-week ideation sprint. By the end of the week you will have your website live and you will have a first set of assumptions to proceed to the market validation phase.

Step 2
Step 3

Product Development (MVP)

Phase 2: Show us your teamwork skills and create a blockchain-based business case and the first version of your pitch deck.

We will provide mentorship and advice on a high-frequency level multiple times a week. We can help in the areas of business model, technology, legal aspects, sales, and marketing. 

By the end of phase 2, you will have a solid Web3 business model and prepare for the pitching strategy.

Step 3
Step 4

Pitch Day and Community

Final week: Pitch in front of the BFG team and secure your first funding!

If you are successful, you will have the chance to get financial support of €70,000 while gaining access to BFG's stellar network.

Step 4
the BFG family day

The BFG Portfolio Day

Enjoy a lifetime membership within the BFG Family


Meet serial entrepreneurs and market-leading blockchain companies, while learning from the best

Our goal is to help you turn your idea into reality within 3 months. By week 10 of the program, you will run a full-fledged blockchain startup while gaining exclusive access to our network and financial support.

In our previous cohorts, we have successfully built and launched 50+ Web3 startups. Some closed their seed round in less than 6 months


Kickstart your idea

Blockchain Founders Group consists of serial entrepreneurs, CEOs, and blockchain experts. In 2021, we have established our best practices to kickstart any business within weeks in the most efficient way.

Pave your way with BFG Superstars and get a chance to receive financial support of up to €70,000 for your blockchain idea and for a small stake in your startup.

Company Building
Blockchain Experts

Professional advisory

While you prepare your blockchain business idea, you will be able to get professional advice from industry experts to guide you through your journey. 

We ensure that you will get high-frequency feedback sessions and mentorship multiple times a week resulting in the most agile way of progressing with your business model.

Only honest and timely feedback helps in building a startup and preparing your business model for market entry. 


Gain market insights in tactical workshops

During the first 8-12 weeks, we will have market-leading companies, CEOs, and blockchain experts join our workshops so that you gain the most out of the program and leave with exclusive market insights. They provide inspiration and insights, however as a founder, you must take charge and the initiative in order to reap long-term rewards.

Therefore, the end goal is to use these insights to get your blockchain startup to a seven figures valuation after one year of operation in a sustainable and efficient way.

Market Insights

Get admitted once and stay forever

Your BFG journey will not end with the program. You will gain access to our community platforms as lifetime members and get invited to exclusive events such as our BFG Family Day.


Explore how BFG will support you!

What our Alumnis say about BFG


What is BFG Superstars looking for?


A passionate leader who influences with a sense of empathy.

Hands-on mentality

Someone who is not afraid of failure, but tries the impossible and learns from it.

Growth potential

Someone who could become a great leader with the motivation to learn and grow.

6843050_business_community_corporate_employee_people_icon (2)

Team player

A person who can collaborate, listen and communicate with the team to solve problems.

Blockchain knowledge

A good understanding of blockchain systems such as smart contracts, wallets, and protocols.


We believe in the effectiveness of remote work and expect participants to understand digital collaboration.

Business growth or tech

We believe in people who either excel in technical skills or sales and marketing.


Consistency and perseverance are key in entrepreneurship. Learn, grow, and build an impactful company.

Focus areas of BFG Superstars

Sounds good? Then see you soon!

BFG Superstars Incubator Program
Applications closed

Frequently asked questions

Will I receive compensation?

Upon admission to the program, you will have around 14 days to prove yourself to be the perfect fit. This trial period will not be paid. However, during this trial period, the BFG Superstars team will assist you and your business idea extensively. After the trial period, only the best candidates can proceed with the program. Among the successful teams, BFG will select teams to assist with €70,000 in financial support. At the same time, we will start paying compensation for your time.

We understand that there is a risk and therefore if you can convince us during the 14 days, you will receive compensation of €2,000 per month (full-time based) to cover costs for software tools and other services you may need to kickstart your venture. 

At the end of the program, you will pitch in front of the Investment Committee and we will determine which team will receive €70,000 in financial support.

Does my country of residence matter?

Not at all. BFG as an organization works completely remotely with team members from across the globe. We liaise with CEOs, project managers, and IT professionals worldwide. Therefore, we do not discriminate based on place of residence and your country of residence does not matter as long as it is planet Earth!

However, our expertise is clearly in Central Europe - with a concentration in D/A/CH countries - and therefore, we will have a slight preference towards this area. BUT! Excellence and great entrepreneurs will always find a solution.

Do I need an idea? What if I have a team already?

No, you do not need to have an idea beforehand. This is an incubation program where we help you build a blockchain startup from scratch, including identifying and choosing the right ideas to build upon.

If you already have an idea, you can also onboard yourself with the idea and your team. You can use our workshops and mentorship as additional validation. 

Do I need to have a technical background?

No, you do not need to have a technical background. We form startup teams consisting of one CEO and one CTO. However, everybody needs to understand blockchain at a solid level and have intermediate practical experience. It is very important to understand that BFG Superstars is not there to educate you. We are not a university or research institute. Rather, we want to build companies that are ready to be funded by investors.

We can provide you with all the necessary industry knowledge, an excellent network, and funding. However, you will be the founder whose responsibilities cannot be outsourced to someone else.

When is the official start of the program?

We are looking for the most promising blockchain talents twice a year:

Spring cohort application phase: December - February
Spring cohort program phase: March - June

Fall cohort application phase: June - August
Fall cohort program phase: September - December