Blockchain Founders Group invests in capneo

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September 15, 2021

Blockchain Founders Group invests in capneo

Blockchain Founders Group invests in capneo

Real-estate’ is one of the first means of investing that comes to mind. It is tried, trusted and has a solid track record to exemplify it’s desirability. In Germany, the housing market has risen by 11.9% between Q1-2020 and Q1-2021 alone; while this year also saw double digit growth. Combined with current German inflationary figures of 3.8%, and estimates for the end of 2021 closer to 5% (a ten year high) - it is quickly apparent why real-estate is an attractive inflationary hedge. Arguably, even a necessary one. 

There are common fundamental issues with real-estate investing: the extremely high monetary entry barrier for starters. Furthermore, even if the capital is available, often desirable properties with good returns are unattainable as they are bought and sold before they even meet the public eye. Buying real-estate traditionally also involves an extensive and expensive process with agents and notaries. Due to this analog process of purchasing real-estate, trading with it renders cumbersome and hence results in illiquidity. Additionally, properties require regular maintenance and management. As a solution to all the aforementioned issues, we introduce capneo!

At capneo, our mission is to democratize real-estate investing through fractional ownership; and to enable this ownership to be easily traded to provide enhanced liquidity. 

Fundamentally, the idea is to provide investors access to equity investments in exclusive off-market real-estate. The portfolio contains a curated collection of properties that are traded behind closed doors and seldomly reach the public eye. These properties can then individually be fractionally invested in.

This bespoke portfolio is tailored according to the customers risk preferences. Furthermore, individual shares can be flexibly bought and sold without the need for a notary. capneo is currently also exploring hybrid financing methods to, for instance, offer collateralized loans. The aim is to bridge traditional real-estate investments with blockchain-based DeFi ecosystems, to maximize our investors' returns irrespective of their investment amounts. 

Capneo is democratizing real estate investment through fractional ownership

In charge of this project is Harald Horrmann. Harald is a dynamic leader with international experience in consulting, innovation & business development, as well as strategic management. He is also an avid technology enthusiast with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

We at Blockchain Founders Group are confident that Harald and the capneo project will thrive and are happy to announce our support in the venture!

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About Blockchain Founders Group

We are a Liechtenstein-based company builder and venture capital investor. We believe that blockchain is the biggest investment opportunity over the next decades. Our DNA is composed of academic and regulatory drivers of the blockchain economy as well as ambitious entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. 

As company builders, we turn blockchain ideas into companies after having vetted them thoroughly with our entrepreneurs in residence and advisors. 

As venture capital investors, we finance founder teams in the pre-seed/seed stage in the traditional venture capital way coupled with our understanding and active commitment as co-founders.

Our location in Liechtenstein allows us to take advantage of the industry-leading Blockchain Act, which we believe will inspire European-wide legislation in the coming years.

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